Frequently asked questions

Can I design or customize my own sign?

Yes of course, welcome to email us your design. You can send your digital file to our email address: query.newlife@gmail.com then we can discuss it.

How much it will cost?

Normally we charged $80.00 per hour for design, also depend on which kind of thickness you want to use for your board. When you send the digital file to us you can also add your requirements and we will repy you a quote ASAP.

How long it will take?

All the signs ilist in store are all ready to delivery. For customize sign normally take 3 - 5 working days.

How to choose the material of board?

Self Adhesive Vinyl (Stickers): Self adhesive vinyl is flexible and can adhere to virtually any clean, dry surface.It is well suited to flat or soft curved texture. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it is resistant to fading.Self adhesive vinyl is great for signs on pipes, poles, containers, vehicles. PVC Board: Polyvinyl Chloride is a rigid plastic and is our most popular materials. The PVC is great for indoor and outdoor use as it has resistance to cracking. CORFLUTE Board: Corflute is manufactured from 3.3mm corrugated plastic and is very lightweight, yet durable. It is ideal for short-term outdoor use, especially for temporary locations including construction sites and building sites. Corflute can also be used indoors. ACM Board: Aluminium Composite Material ( ACM ) is thin aluminium sheets with a polypropylene centre. This is a strong, thick material that is ideal for outdoor signs as it holds well in windy conditions.
Common uses for ACM are entrance, exit, traffic, parking, building, wall or post mounting signs. FOAM Board Foam board is a brilliant temporary sign that you will often see at indoor events such as trade shows, corporate events, and press conferences. Foamcore signs are incredibly lightweight which makes them very easy to move around. Foamcore can also be printed double-sided to maximise your awareness. The downside of Foamcore is it isn’t recommended for outdoor uses.